Some people also prefer 5.91 to 6.03 because is has three stars int he event prefixes instead of one. Should Khaled patch 5.91 too? Then there is 5.61 where some people didn't like the brighter icons of 5.7 (I think), should Khaled patch 5.61 because of this?

Should Micro$oft patch Windows V3.1 because the 386 fraternity think that 8 bit computing with that OS is a speed daemon? Of course not. People are encouraged to use XP which has 50,000 times the power of 3.1 even though people need to use a 32 bit machine to run it.

Software is updated for a reason and where humanly possible, people should use the very latest,, purposefully to avoid the exploits that people often do discover. Why should Khaled break his back for 0.00000001% of people that don't happen to like changes.

For the record the toolbar styles don't bother me. If that contributes to more powerful visual functions in later versions then it's a good thing. I would suggest that Khaled consider a "Lock toolbars" option, aka Internet Exploder and Micro$oft Orifice, which hides the grippers. I don't agree with the 6.1(X) dismembering of the toolbar arrangement, though this in itself is merely personal opinion and certainly nothing which stops me making my computers and network as secure as possible. For me, security comes infront of asthetics any day of the week which is why I am a 6.12'er.

Full marks to Khaled for releasing 6.12 so quickly.