Because it's just got tedious now, and there's no point to it? If they want their opinion known, then they can private message Khaled/Krejt, or email them, they don't have to keep letting everyone else know, especially people who can't do anything about it in the first place - even better, post on the existing threads..think of it as a petition smile - These boards are not one giant petition board, or a place to repetitively whine, it's for people to get help, make suggestions, report bugs and discuss "general" things (not over and over again).

If he wants to make one, he will. He probably would have decided whether he is going to or not - I hope he does, purely because it'll be nice to know that people who are adamant to remain with 6.03 are safe, but if he doesn't, it's his choice and no amount of arguing is going to change it (after all, every point has been mentioned at least three times now).