You say "cooperate" I say "settle." Why exactly should we "cooperate"? There are plenty of clients out there, if we don't like the new mIRC why exactly should we "cooperate" and use it anyway?

I'll tell you, I stopped using mIRC about a day ago, and ever since I'm amazed at how many great features are in my new client that I've wanted in mIRC for ages that Khaled refused to add! I can now write scripts in just about any language I want, things such as "reordering" the switchbar buttons (which I alone suggested at least 5 times) is already available, customizable toolbars, menus, everything I ever wanted in mIRC is available else where. And the best part, when there is something that the client is missing, the author actually responds about the suggestion! It's nice when you suggest a feature and you get told "great idea, I'll add it in the next version" or even "well that's a nice idea, but I won't do it because of A, B, C" or "that can cause problems. You didn't think of A in your suggestion." It's great knowing my opinion is valued. Again, this is the kind of thing I've been saying Khaled should do for a long time now. So again I ask, why should I "settle" for mIRC when in my opinion, there are better things available?