Ugh, just so people know, the reason I am no longer replying to hardly anything related to this topic anymore is not because I have changed my mind and can't say anything back, but in fact because I am just exhausted with it now...

I will say one thing though:

I hope Khaled releases this sought after 6.03 patch, really I do, but if he doesn't, give 6.1x a chance. I didn't like a few of the features/changes that were made in 6.1, but after 2.5 months after it's release, I have now gotten used to them and I've nearly forgotten what 6.03 was like at all. I doubt any of you 6.03 users have given 6.1x more than 48 (maybe 72) hours of your time, let alone 2.5 months.

Honestly, I now actually like 6.1. I like(d) 6.03 too, and because it was released for so long, I got used to it, which is why I didn't like some of the features - but I now like the 6.1 layout (after giving it a chance and getting used to it).

Some of you just refuse to cooperate though, and I'm not prepared to waste anymore of my energy on this. And you wonder why Khaled doesn't post...*sigh*