Just read this thread.

Lots of complaining. Hmm. I'm somewhat surprised. I thought the new version was better than 6.03.

The browser bug fix *alone* made it worth upgrading, for me :-) OK, most of you may use Internet Explorer, but if you changed to the superior Mozilla, you'd get kinda annoyed if all your hotlinks still opened up in IE :-)

Khaled switching to Visual C++ .NET: yep, this is a pretty bad idea. Buying into the Microsoft machine, unnecessarily. His choice, I guess, but there's nothing wrong with VC++ 6.

I like the fact that a warning dialogue pops up when clicking a URL - I *really* like it ;D

I disabled it immediately. If you've double clicked on a URL, why on earth would you want a dialog prompting you whether you want to visit it? Might have changed your mind? :-)

Remote editor, no shortcuts on the toolbar. Boohoo.

I think the new 'script editor' button is *fantastic*. I used to keep clicking on aliases and then having to click on remotes or popups or what I wanted; now, there's just one button that remembers the last tab you were on. Way to go!

Things I disliked the most...
23. /dcc commands, such as /dcc send, ignore, etc. are now also handled in the form /dccsend, /dccignore, etc.

For convenience? Try using /dcc - it still works, it hasn't been replaced!

o I can't really afford to register mIRC now... Not that I would yet because to me, it still looks like a Windows 3.1 app (icons/gui). Which is why I registered Klient instead

So what do you want? Cuddly round buttons, blue background, green text, animating dancers and flashing title text? Please, don't encourage him :-) I guess it's all down to preference, but I HATE the new XP look; I have it set on the Windows 2000 look, and mIRC looks nice and simple right now. If it changed to an 'XP' look, that'd be sure to turn me off immediately.

All in all, mIRC 6.1 rules. So there. :-P

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