After 1 year? fairly disappointing. I'm with codemastr for sticking with 6.03. Nevertheless, I don't want to put it down, I'm sure a lot of hard work and time has gone into this version, and there are a lot of good features, but there are just a few little things which 'niggle' me a little bit. It just seems that a lot of changes have been made to make it look a little different, when it's been completely unneccesary.

Yeah I agree, the thing that I guess sorta put me off was the release notes, "With this new release we hope to address most, if not all, of the comments, requests and remarks we received after the release of version 6.03" to me that seems grossly inaccurate. Even minor things weren't added. I would venture to say less than 10% of the features suggested after 6.03 are actually in 6.1. Were some difficult/stupid and therefore not added? Of course, but some should have been easy and useful. A very simple example is, ever since the "***" was changed to "*" people have asked for a way to configure the prefix, yet it is still not configurable. I doubt that would have been hard to add. There were tons of little minor features that could have been added and weren't.