/me just clicks on the last post to make some general comments:

-gee, only 61% were new, with 39% being bug fixes (no i havent counted for myself, seems kinda pointless)

-i think it makes more sense to have all the servers in a different area (the lil sun thingie) and less confusing to new ppl

-no doubt it will take time to remember to not say file>options, but honestly, telling someone about alt 0 or to click the options icon isnt all that complex

-i dont understand why giving perform a button on the connect/option area is a bad idea, never saw why it needed its own page

-about dialog: pay the $20 (you can even pay less) and no worries. Seems amazing to me that ppl who havent even paid to register mIRC feel they have the right to complain about it. It keeps asking you to do the right thing and pay? Well imagine that!

-most of what i've seen so far arent bugs, but complaints about deliberate changes

-you cant change the exe to some name like IkElzkCLan.exe and think mirc1.exe looks dumb? The majority of users dont feel a compelling need to change the name of the exe, honest.

-you dont like that you cant totally remove the default version reply? Again, gee, imagine that, the author actually wants credit for his work. Whats wrong with just adding to the reply? "To protect you from some vulnerability" is a bit much

-to expect each new version to have every change/addition everyone asked for is unreasonable, imo. Should be clear with each new version that the author does pay attention to users wants.

-with every new release there are ppl who are happy and ppl who complain. Impossible to make everyone happy.


ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet