Yeah I like that too, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate everything about 6.1, the regex in events, $rawtext, the paste confirm thing, $compress, and the new file handling, those are all very nice things. I just wish more of the things that have been asked for a lot were added. Some quick things that come to mind are more dialog controls, if I remember, that was promised after 5.91, and since then all that has been added were scrollbars. Also, the "ON MIRCERROR" type of thing, that has been suggested I don't know how many times, yet it's still not added; in fact from the looks of it, no new events were added in this release, although I can think of about 10 that were suggested. Many things that were suggested, and that were liked by many people, yet they weren't added. However things that no one suggested, and from the looks of it (i.e., the "grips", and the options dialog recode), no one likes, were added instead. I don't hate the new mIRC, I'm just disappointed with it, I was expecting a lot more than was actually added.