I'm not using 6.1, but for the brief time that I was, I did disable it. Additionally I do still have 6.1 installed on a seperate drive for testing purposes, however, when I'm going somewhere to chat I'm using 6.03. And you might say that the keystroke changes is insignifigant, but when I've been doing file | options for 3+ years, it really sucks when I can no longer do that any more.

Oh, another thing, how many tutorials are going to be effected? How many people are going to say "I tried loading your alias, but when I do like the readme said and type alt+a it brings up the favorites menu". Now this means you can't just change the tutorial, you have to add:
If you are using a version before mIRC 6.1 type alt+a
If you are using mIRC 6.1 or newer, type [whatever the new key is].

Same for other things
"go to file | options, then go to connect | perform" That now has to be modified to tell people where the new one is located.

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