on a whole id have to agree with the interface being disapointing .... i do like the ability to remove the menu bar but them damn "grips" gotta go. luckily after u add a background image to it ... it seems to cover them up but for the defualt it just looks goofy.... also ... i didnt notice the standard X to close the active windows when u remove the menubar ... kinda makes that alil hard to figure. it would be nicer to be able to remove it and possibly have them buttons float over to the toolbar or something. altho maybe thats just as bad an idea, overall im sure it is a nicer version .. and ill get used to it ... its just highly awkward to have to right click over and select or choose alt+z or whatever that keypress setup is. i do like the new options setup its alil cleaner looking. overall im sure the public as a whole will enjoy it.