I think 6.1 is fine. No great changes like I was hoping for, but there are some nice ones that I wasn't expecting. Presumably converting to a new compiler using .NET could well explain a large amount of the time spent on the new version.

The one thing I really don't like about this new release, and in fact every new release, are these forums. Every time there's a new version the forums become a hive of bitching and whinging. Not that someone saying when they dislike something is wrong, but when they out and out whine like a little baby or 'threaten' to not use mIRC anymore because something changed that they didn't like, or something they wanted changed hasn't, or hasn't changed enough, or changed too much, or they spilt their coke while downloading the new version, etc.. The real kicker is what people whinge about: You've got some people complaining because nothing downright huge has been added (especially in this release since it's been a year), yet you've got another group of people who are complaining because Khaled moved a pixel, or changed and icon - if something huge was added I can only imagine these people would spontaneously explode. The guy just can't win.

Note: This isn't a reply to any specific person, just I've been wanting to post this for about 8 hours now and I decided this thread will do.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and stupid comments are intentional.