ok a sensical answer would be .. how many times have u accidentally cicked the X and closed a window and had to go back and read a logfile to find what u werer last talking about? never? once? twice? something like this would possibly help in that situation ... now on to reason 2. well it sure fits the thwme of the already there leave open on disconnect. and why is that not an important reason to u? for me it was infact one u overlooked. now on to my final reason, i personally like being able to leave my windows open if i want to quit just so i can scroll back thru and check out things i may have missed in a help channel, like if i asked a question and got 2 separate answers and said ok ty for the help and off went to try them out. why sit there till ur sure the suggestion worked? now these may not be important reasons to u. and they all have been mentioned. and as for my saying because i like yellow? so what live with it. i really dont feel i need to explain myself to u.