Don't be so surprised when the puppy you're biting turns and bites you. Many of your own posts of late have been as inflamatory as the posts you were responding to; in some cases, more so. When I am responding to a post I find objectionable, I still try to respond to the content of the post, not the personality that wrote it. See my above reply to codemastr for an example of what I mean. Nowhere in it did I insult him; nowhere was it needed...insults rarely are.

In my humble opinion, there is way too much flaming going on here these days. This is very sad to see for the people who just stop by to learn more about mIRC and find ideas being debated and flames being routed around, even in the same thread. It's much easier to get your point across to someone when they do not feel threatened. Flames put people on their guard before they can even hear and understand what your point is, defeating your entire reason for posting in the first place.

As I've mentioned before, codemastr is abrasive and knows it; he does it intentionally (though why, I couldn't possibly guess). He knows this, I know this, you know this, everyone who has read more than three threads knows this.

If you don't like what he has to say or how he says it, you need not respond. There are a few people who post here whose posts I simply do not read at all because I end up wanting to tell them they are utter idiots and complete fools (neither of which are *cough* necessarily *cough* true).

If you disagree with the content of what he has to say and feel a need to post a correction, by all means, feel free. I certainly do! cool But reply to the content (which you can debate), not to the personality (which is not subject to debate).

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