I've read that last paragraph 6 times and I still can't make out what it means.

I think it would be useful.

Scenario 1: a user comes into a scripting help channel, gets help, /part -n's the channel so he can study the answer without the scroll...gets confused and uses /hop to rejoin and clarify certain esoteric and obscure techniques used, /part -n's again to contemplate his naval lint without getting his scripting question and his naval lint confused. Then he can rejoin or close the window as he desires.

Scenario 2: a user joins a chat channel...sees there are 1200 nicks talking at the same time (way too much) and so /part -n's the channel to come back later. Closing the channel window would mean remembering the name of the channel to return to, its exact spelling and any key that was on the channel at the time. At some later point, /hop would rejoin the channel for a quick re-check.

I wish the nicklist at the time of /part -n was retained. That would make it much more useful as nick tab completion would still work. If that worked...:

Scenario 3: an oper joins a naughty channel, gets the nicklist and topic and yada yada as normal. Oper uses /part -nr to leave the channel but retain the window and nicklist for use with tab completion. Then after parting, the oper can query ChanServ/NickServ/UberServ and route the response notices to the active window, getting them logged all in one place without having to deal with doing the same thing but getting kicked by the naughty ops halfway through the investigatory process, screwing up logs and just making the process generally more difficult. Of course, it can be scripted...I have already done so. The opers who can't script, or don't use my script or one like it, just have to deal with it.

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