my 2 pennies worth

there are a lot of pirate share channels all over the world on many servers and on many rooms.

it can nerver be stopped or ever be blotted out its impossible.

the truth is its a sad thing and the net is useing mirc programe to exploit it.

i can name a few rooms but i wont that as soon as something is released its on the net 10 mins after it is released reguardless of where in the world.

i am not saying i like it or dislike it but people will always take things for free if it dangled under there nose long enougth.

i can see many points of the law being broken and used but you cannot condon a programe or a author if its misued for wrong doing.

if as you all say a #mirc help room was set up on every network and used as a pure help room i cant see a danger of it. as a matter of fact it would be nice to have support there and then.

but i stress there will be pms flying between peeps with the best places to get this and that so even in a sterial situation it would never stamped out its impossible.

i also raise the issue of the author being done for a wrong doing on mirc.

this its self is not true he is the author and has made it plain thats its sole use was as a chat programe but has been exploited to far worse things. this is not his responaceability but the people that created the room and registered it.

he had or has no control over this and there for the responcabilty is not his doing.

you dont sue a tv manufacture if someone buys a tv then walks out of a shop and puts it over someones was made to be watched not a knock out drug.

and the same thing applies to the author of mirc.