Well, I can understand the reason why you might not think it's "fair" for us/them, however... we are only interested in ONE thing in the channel, that is to help. We've been running the channel for about 2 months or so now, and we are ALL loving it to death. The fact that we get to share our overwhelming knowledge for computers and computer software is just a great experience for us all. We do not want to serve as any kind of opponent to any other network's help channels, we are just there to help all of the newbies to mIRC and all sorts of other things on that network. You see, we don't just help with mIRC in that room (even though that is a majority of the questions) we also help with Game server setup questions, Windows help, Computer hardware questions, and all sorts of other programs. All I am asking is that we get consent to use the name for our channel to help people as much as we possibly can... not to serve as any type of competition, so, in saying that, I bid farewell as I go to sleep, in preperation for another day of questioning in the #mIRC help channel!