i am active on many of the servers out there and on loads of rooms as i get info from many freinds.

i have seen and used several of the #mirc help rooms as to get a script sorted out and running properly.

but the main sorce i use and come back to is the web address of mirc or here reading many of the posts.

you may feel that you need to open anouther help room but take a bit of advice from me.

i have run and owned my own chat room on several of the servers and belive me it a headace and a lot and i mean a lot of hard work.

its nice that someone out there is prepared to offer help out there but if you any good and i am not saying your not but why not put your talents to good use here where this comunity has paid for the product and is prepared to help each other in situations that require it.

i myself have been a mirc user for a very long time right back when i used a 56k modem but its only been a short time that i myself registered to this forum.

i have lerned more here in this short time than i ever did on all the help rooms i have ever been to.

reading all the posts and looking at the replies it has answered many long term questions.

put your talent here to those that are a comunity and prepared to help each other. grin