+y is undocumented.

Yep, yep, I already said that...

For all you know it's exact purpose is to allow the client to change the case in the nick list.

Why the hell would a resource be put in an IRCd to do that when the user can do it at client level? Support for certain raw commands (for /svs* functions) was removed from CR in V1.8.7.1 (I believe) simply to trim down on stuff that isn't required therefore there is a perception, at least, that when the current version was written, efficiency was considered to a great degree. You are betting on hypothetics as per usual.

Why isn't pirch affected? because pirch doesn't even know what CHANMODES= is!

Correct, but neither does mIRC in this case because +y isn't included. :tongue:


If you'd bother to read the CR manual you'd realise that modes such as w and y are reserved for future use.