i imagine some do, but we see a lot of users both here and in #mIRC who come in asking "where can i find music/movies here". So not putting networks that encourage filesharing in the server list could help some. Then the question arises, how do we realistically determine and monitor that?

I guess it could be handled similar to reporting dead networks. UserA sends an email to warez-networks@mirc.com saying "irc.someserver.net has a ton of warez channels." Whoever is in charge of monitoring this, presumably Tjerk, would then connect to that server and see. And I guess some sort of numbers need to be setup, i.e. I don't think a network should be removed because 1 warez channel exists, I mean that could simply be one the admins haven't caught yet. However if there are 10+ warez channels with a combined user count of >100, you can be reasonably sure that the admins know about it and they don't care. So at that point the server could be removed. Or if Tjerk thinks this would be too much work, well at least something could be done about new additions. i.e. when you submit a server to the servers.ini, I'm sure Tjerk tries to connect to see if the server really exists/works. So why couldn't he also do a /list to see if there are a bunch of warez channels? Meaning in that idea no current networks are removed, just warez networks will no longer be added.