Khaled's FAQ
Question: How do you feel about the fact that some people use mIRC to distribute copyright/illegal material? or to harm others?
Answer: There is a common misconception that I'm able to prevent people from doing these things. That's not the case. I don't have or host any IRC networks, servers, or channels.
mIRC is only a client-side software that allows you to connect to public IRC networks around the world, in the same way that Internet Explorer allows you to connect to public websites around the world.
I'm not happy about the fact that some people use mIRC in a negative way, however mIRC is used by many people, there will always be a some people who use it in ways with which I don't agree.

Brat general reply: while many valid points have been made, legit users would also be "punished" by any limitations made in mIRC. Not so legit users would find a way around them *grumble* I tend to agree with those who suggest networks need to take a bigger stand on file sharing channels/bots that exist just to fileshare. Many providers are taking steps to limit filesharing, that also helps.

Altho i have often been criticized for "lecturing" i think one thing we can do is educate the new users about the dangers of filesharing in the hopes they will use common sense. Will it stop them all? nope. Will anything? nope.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet