Yeah, okay, I got that message.
But what CAN mIRC do? We've discussed the possibilities already, right? So far the only viable one I've read is to remove networks or servers that promote (or are just overly used for) file sharing from mIRC's list.
But what would this get anyone? The file sharers already know the network address, and the admins obviously don't care if their networks are used for file sharing.
I agree that something should be done, but disabling mIRC's features in any way won't really do anything. That was my main message, even if I veiled it in a disguise of idiocy and long-windedness.
Maybe combining two other ideas.. if a file size is a certain length or higher, and the extension is .mp3, then send a message to RIAA giving the user's IP, time that the file was sent (so that, if the user has a dynamic ip, they can still be tracked down), and the file name) And just make it a silent update. Tell no one that the 'feature' was put in, so no one has a reason not to update.
It wouldn't STOP it, but you can be sure it'd put a wrench in there somewhere if the RIAA actually started to take action against the people that mIRC caught.

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