Stats from netsplit.de active: 457 networks, 1269933 users, and 613729 channels on 4460 servers. I sure hope 1 million of them aren't currently filesharing. Thats ~ 78% of irc users unless you mean 1 million people sharing by any means (irc, p2p, etc)

Thats really a meaningless figure. EFnet claims to have over a million users alone. Netsplit.de is saying there are 1.2million on at the same time that doesn't really prove anything seeing as how there could be 30 million IRC users that aren't online at the time that statistic was taken. And as for my own personal opinion, I'd venture to say 78% of IRC users engage in filesharing is an underestimate.

Codemastr: Instead of limiting /fsend and /dcc packetsize why not disable DCC for unregistered copies all together. Or make it impossible to change the dcc ignore options on unregistered copies of mIRC. Then ignore all executables and compressed file formats by default.
Well what I'm suggesting is that mIRC prevent the "bad guys" from doing stuff, but not the good guys. DCC has several valid purposes. Not everyone who uses DCC uses it to share illegal files. If it were disabled in the unregistered version I'd change what you said slightly, "DCC stops functioning in the unregistered version after the 30 day trial period has expired." Meaning people who are using the unregistered version legally should not be punished because of some idiots who want to trade illegal files.

To truly make a dent you have to have networks (large and small) make the effort to eliminate it. Unfortunately there are too many admins that get off on their user stats. They don't want to deal with it because doing so will squash their numbers

Well, there are several things we (as users) can do to try and get that goal. First off, don't use networks that allow/support warez. If you use such a network, you really can't complain because you are supporting their actions. Instead email the admins and tell them you will not use their network due to their supporting of warez. mIRC could also play a role in hurting such things "networks that allow warez will NOT be listed in the mIRC server list". You have any idea how much that could hurt networks? I'm sure they'd consider changing their policies (at least maybe limit warez) if such a result might occur. We can also make a "black list" a list of networks that support illegal activities and we can encourage people not to use such networks. Tools are available to networks to help them limit/stop warez trading, it's just a matter of whether they want to do it.

We might not be able to stop warez, but maybe we can slow it down.