Note i said "Most" not all decent folk listen to or does what the "man" says... I've done my fair share of law breaking before. All i'm saying is whats the harm in adding something to slow a certain group of people down from using mIRC as a means of filesharing.

Jerk: I understand what you are saying but I know this won't solve the problem...this idea is intended so that this limits someones options. Basically you throw this idea with the possibility of every network following DALnets lead by not allowing the filesharing to continue on their servers and you have a hell of a combination to force users from using mIRC (unless they all band together to form a network = or bait for government agencies cracking down on fileswapping)

But the idea of every network following that lead is pretty much a dream to some...Getting back to the topic at hand. I think its been established that this won't stop people from using mIRC for filesharing. I just thought that it would be a great idea to slow people down....I dunno probably cause I get tired of seeing at least 5 posts on a daily basis by a bunch of "Gomer Pyles" wondering why they cant download anything properly and this idea popped into my skull...

Anyways..It was a nice thought