eep..sorry, i wasnt very clear in that reply. Even tho i called it a general reply, i should have been specific. I wasnt referring to restrictions based on registered vs nonregistered copies, but rather on those in all copies of mIRC, for example file size or type limitations or eliminating dcc entirely in mIRC. I wouldnt like to see all users have to do without dcc or be limited in some way because of the users who, as Khaled says, "use mIRC in a negative way". I guess i relate it to that saying "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have them". If restrictions were put in mIRC overall, the (for lack of a better term) illegit users would a: find ways around them or b: find something else to use and just continue on. The legit users would be the ones doing without.

Perhaps if dcc werent enabled until a copy was registered, it might send some ppl off to find something else to use, but more than likely we would soon see a proliferation of cracks and keygens. i'm sure we've all seen the websites that say go get mIRC so you can grab all the movies you want. They would no doubt add "and here's a keygen for it" in short order.

I certainly dont mean to sound discouraging of all the ideas presented, and its nice to see that ppl want to stop this kind of stuff and can toss ideas around for discussion about it smile
Over and above ppl using mIRC for this, it concerns me that because of all the "negative users" more isps will restrict bandwidth or use interference techniques, the music industry will come up with ways to stop legit users from copying their cds onto their puters (i guarantee the cd i simply have to listen to while working here will be the one thats in the car during a torrential downpour), networks wont allow any dcc, etc etc.... and once again, the legit pay the price for the not so legit. Yes, i hate seeing ppl use mIRC in "negative ways", but even more do i hate ppl mucking things up for everyone else just cause they are greedy lil thieves.

As a side note to Thray: DAlnet made a change in their AUP, DALnet news forbidding channels that exist for the primary purpose of filesharing and has been closing down any of those channels that didnt leave quietly. Perfect success? perhaps not yet, but do give them credit for making the effort with some success.

"The file sharers already know the network address"
i imagine some do, but we see a lot of users both here and in #mIRC who come in asking "where can i find music/movies here". So not putting networks that encourage filesharing in the server list could help some. Then the question arises, how do we realistically determine and monitor that?

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet