Khaled's FAQ
Question: How do you feel about the fact that some people use mIRC to distribute copyright/illegal material? or to harm others?
Answer: There is a common misconception that I'm able to prevent people from doing these things. That's not the case. I don't have or host any IRC networks, servers, or channels.
mIRC is only a client-side software that allows you to connect to public IRC networks around the world, in the same way that Internet Explorer allows you to connect to public websites around the world.
I'm not happy about the fact that some people use mIRC in a negative way, however mIRC is used by many people, there will always be a some people who use it in ways with which I don't agree.

I totally forgot about that. A small detail that I had obviously overlooked...my apologies!

Note*: I kinda like the Idea someone pointed out earlier, is to not let any network that has any filesharing channels not to be allowed on the server directory. Maybe if mIRC in general stands up to this idea rather than just talk about it, It might be taken as a wakeup call to other networks that condoning this sort of activity will not be tolerated. And only allow them if they get rid of those channels.

mIRC in my opinion has lead the way in providing a means to connect users to IRC for a number of years. You would think that by now there would be at least a little influence on users to rally against filesharing on IRC. The only people affected by this would be the porn peddlers and the media whores for not having anywhere on IRC to distribute their files. As I said before, this won't stop filesharing on the web as a whole, but it will slow them down on some parts of the web. IRC is supposed to stand for Internet Relay Chat not Illegal Re-distribution of Copyrighted material.