I have a similar issue. Most times when I connect (via Mirc) to Undernet, I get this:

[INFO] Connecting to [url=irc://undernet/][url=irc://undernet/][url=irc://undernet/]irc://undernet/[/url][/url][/url] ([url=irc://irc.undernet.org/][url=irc://irc.undernet.org/][url=irc://irc.undernet.org/]irc://irc.undernet.org/[/url][/url][/url])… [Cancel]
=== *** Looking up your hostname
=== *** Checking Ident
=== *** Found your hostname
=== ddgaucho Register first.
=== *** No ident response
=== *** Ident broken or disabled, to continue to connect you must type /QUOTE PASS 10783

after I type the necessary stuff, I connect just fine. It just annoys me. What am I doing wrong? This has happened with all versions of Mirc and Chatzilla.