I'm running under WinXP and Mirc. My ISP is supossed to be running with a proxy.

I usually conect okay with Efnet and I've been downloading stuff from their channels for a while now, but today, I don't know why, I get this message:

-irc.blessed.net- *** Looking up your hostname...
-irc.blessed.net- *** Checking Ident
-irc.blessed.net- *** No Ident response
-irc.blessed.net- *** Found your hostname

I get it with any server I try. After getting it, I can connect, but with the ~ behind my nickname, and if I try to enter ANY channel, I find myself alone there.

I don't know what to do, I have tried disabling my antivirus, I have the Windows firewall turned off, and ZoneAlarm is set to allow anything to Mirc; I even oppened port 113 with telnet, and of course, I have the IDENT options correctly configured in Mirc, but I keep getting that message... What can I do, I'm desperated! I haven't changed anything since the last time I conected, why s this happening?

Is there any other way to enter Efnet channels that is not with Mirc?

Thanks a lot.