Yes, I read all that in the help file, though I don't think thats what he means. I have some ideas for this, since I'm having trouble understanding some of the approaches you guys have mentioned.
Idea 1:
I re-script it so that It creates an item for each piece of information, prefixed with the nickname of that user. Then I use $hfind with a wildcard of some sort to find it and that's how I'll use it.
Idea 2:
I leave most of the script as it is, making a separate file for each user/nick because of the hash tables, I really don't know how I'd do this but it's more of a last resort. smirk
Idea 3:
I leave nearly all of the current script as it is, and follow Riamus's idea, saving the file after the file is modified. I think this would be the shortest once I figure it out.
Idea 4:
Modify it to have tokens, which I'll have to read about and understand first.

Hmm. I'm going to try the 3rd first, since I'm closest. I might have over 30 tables that could have as many as 15 items each. I appreciate all your help and advice. Thanks.