Regarding your 8 Ball scripts, the first one would give all of the answers in the file, at a rate of one per second. I don't think that's what you're wanting. With the second one, the only thing that I can think of is that the path is being misinterpreted.

Having a stated path of Games, and presuming you've used the default mIRC installation directory, the actual path would be something like C:\Program Files\mIRC\Games

The Games directory would be off of the installation directory for mIRC

Regarding your dialog error, you don't have a filename specified for that icon. Compare these two lines that are copied from your dialog:

icon 24, 332 146 135 183, tab 44, 0 tab 44
icon 31, 320 144 140 172, C:\Downloads\Ryan\mefordialog.jpg, 0 tab 1

Just a suggestion, on the first radio button, use the group parameter, that way it'll be impossible for both radio buttons to be selected at the same time