First of all, I've read a good portion of the mIRC help file and another intro on Dialoging that I found elsewhere on the internet before coming here to actually ask for help. I'm making a huge bot for my roleplay that has bot commands and sections for both In-character and Out-of-character....universes. (These include game scripts, countdown timers, and thesaurus/dictionary scripts ect.. Then pretty much the rest are just on join/part/text/action/input response scripts) I have a lot of questions and theres no doubt I'm going to forget to ask at least one of them. I'm not exactly asking anybody to actually put in time and effort to write me any scripts (although that would probably take less than helping me to actually understand). Then I don't learn anything, so i'd never be able write my own scripts. I'll get on with my questions before I forget them:

First question: Is there any way you can create one txt file with sections in it that can be taken and read for each script as "help". I thought mIRC had a N through N option in the $read command. For example $read(responses.txt,1-12) would read lines 1 through 12 of 'responses.txt.'.

Second Question: I'm making a huge dialog that keeps information almost in the exact same way as the built-in Address Book dialog, but has extra options such as 'Lock' buttons, which take the text youve entered into the editboxes for each part of info and turns it into Dialog text (no editbox) and centers it in the box it is in. I've tried to do a google search and yahoo search to find the actual dialog script for the actual original Address Book to figure out how to make each edited page able to be added under the specified nick in the drop-down combo box. (so that when you click on it in the combo box, the page with all the info is filled with the information inputted for that nick, exactly like the Address book.) The major difference between the mirc address book and this 'info center', is that there will be either a button or a push checkbox right next to the a button that says 'Add' (for adding nicks to the combo box). This button says 'View by: Nick' (indicating you are the individual nicknames added in the combo box), but when clicked on, the text on the button changes to 'View By:Rank'(and the entries in the combo box change to a list of each rank of our roleplay's ranks/hierachy). Im thinking about making another editbox that organizes the Ranks by each group we have. So if you selected a certain group, the entries of 'View by:Nicks' would only show the nicks of that group and most importantly the combo box entries of 'View by:Ranks' would store the nicks in each rank of the selected group. There would be two tabs, so two sets of information under the complicated combo box and 'View' button associated with it. One tab would be IC (In character) Information, and the other OOC (Out of Character) Info. They have pictures and everything. The setting of your picture on each would be the same as the mirc address book; You click/double-click in that picture space and it pulls up a browze dialog for you to set your pic. I need a way to store all this information without having all the stored data for it (that is, if it's possible -_-) to be always loaded into mirc while it's open (ex. Variable-based). I think you might be able to do this through hash files but I have no clue how to organize it all.

Third Question: ...and lastly, this would probably be the most useful. I need a script (dialog but much simpler) that would make writing 'on join/text/action/part' scripts much easier and faster. It is much simpler than the one described in question 2 so don't worry. It would have an editbox for the keyword and these would operate much the same way a google advanced search would. Checks like "Only this phrase" "Anywhere in ___" "Starting with" "Any of these words" and so on. Unlike the one above, I haven't organized this dialog visually. (In the #2 question dialog, I already have the /dialog Info{ } visual stuff pretty much down.) It'll be able to select what file in the loaded mirc remotes to write the code into, maybe in the menubar. If it can't write the scripts directly as I enter it into the dialog, I'd like it just to write it, and then I could copy and paste it into the actual remote files (Maybe there'd be a 'Script it.' Button that becomes avalible when all search criteria is entered into the editboxes. If you clicked it, it'd write the code into an editbox with scrollbars thats used to copying code from.)

If you guys have any questions at all about what I've described above, or if you want the code that i do have posted, let me know and I'll try to describe it as best I can. I understand this will take allot of patience to help me with this (I'm doubtful some of it is even possible) and I am very thankful for your help. I came here as a last resort because I'm sure you guys get bothered enough. This post doesn't include all my questions, just the important ones. Besides, i think this post is long enough. Again, thankyou so much for your help.( I'll be on under the nick Skylax most of the time, just incase anybody needs to help me through stuff directly or something.)