Ahh I gotcha, yeah same deal with me and my nickname on the scifi.com board. Yeah, i've got scripts laying around almost done or half way done that I never finish. frown I think the only one i ever finished completely was the huge mp3player script I created with the help of a few people's ideas. But that was years ago, I took a break from mirc scripting to learn some perl and a bit of php. Just recently started back up with mirc stuff, all these languages can get confuseing at times.

Sukai I never could find a tutorial that would match the mirc help file. I got started by a friend I met in chat teaching me simple on text events. First thing i ever made myself was a bot. smile Best way to learn is just get an idea, and think about how each thing of that idea is going to work. If you can't figure it out ask questions. smile

We don't just write the scripts, we put them to the test! (ScriptBusters)