Oh and Riamus2 smile, now I know why you love hash tables so much, they are kick ass. I've been modifying an old socketbot to act more like an infobot using hash tables for the info. Very nice results.

Heh. Yeah, they really are useful. I have a nice card dealing hash table script that I made that deals out cards and include colors (white background and red/black based on suit). I made it for my Cribbage script I'm working on. I kind of put that on hold, though... along with my Scattergories script. I should finish those... My monopoly script is also on hold, but from much longer ago. Oh well.

I haven't released to many scripts... a few are on my site (Weather script, Dictionary script, $DateXpander (do a search here for info on that if you want)) and a few were released on the invision forum (Kick/Ban window, Playlist script for Invision, etc.), but otherwise I've not really released much.

Btw, you don't have to include "2" when saying my nick. It's only there because I forgot my password for Riamus and had a different e-mail, so couldn't retrieve it.

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