Heh, Riamus2 you are obsessed with hash tables smile. There's only 1 drawback to the hash table item definition thing. the item can only be 1 word. frown

When I gave you the examples I separated them, all in all they should be under the same on text event:

on *:text:*:#: {
  var %text = $read(learnt.txt, w,  $1- $+ *)
  ;if "this entry*" is found at the beginning of a line,
  if (%text) {
    var %split=> = $calc($findtok(%text,=>,1,32) +1)
    msg $chan hmm, $gettok(%text,%split=> $+ -,32)
  if ($findtok($1-,is,1,32)) {
    var %text = $1-
    %text = $reptok(%text,is,=>,1,32)
    write learnt.txt %text
    ;write this to a file: this entry => that info
    ;after it's done writing verify that the data did write to the file and if so have it tell you "ok".
    if ($read(learnt.txt,w,%text)) { msg $chan ok }
    else { msg $chan I pooped my pants }

If 2 of the same events exist inside of a remote script file, the first one is evaluated and the second is ignored.

K I just tested this myself and it works:

[11:03:32] <brandon> this is a test
[11:03:32] <@Scorpwanna> ok
[11:03:47] <brandon> this
[11:03:47] <@Scorpwanna> hmm, a test
[11:04:06] <brandon> this script is awesome
[11:04:06] <@Scorpwanna> ok
[11:04:09] <brandon> this script
[11:04:09] <@Scorpwanna> hmm, awesome

We don't just write the scripts, we put them to the test! (ScriptBusters)