Yes that could be possible. However, I can't work on it much more today, maybe later though. But, I'll give it a shot smile.
hrm a ("!last" 100), perhaps it would be good to use a hash table for this, or a separate file just for that info. "!listall ?" can be achieved by just having it return every line of text from the file before the separateor =>. Possibly using a whileloop, but depending on how much data there is, it would take a while to get the data ready. I'll look into it later this evening smile.

Nah I never could teach at a college. I had a good teacher when I first started learning mIRC. Once I got use to how it's coding worked it sort of caught on over the years. It gets easier once you've started projects. Best way to learn, is to get an idea of something to make happen, and go for it.

We don't just write the scripts, we put them to the test! (ScriptBusters)