Hrm, you could have it dump the learned keywords to a file (using some mirc magic) then have it use the play command to play back one line at a time using the play delay. Say for example, you want it only to put 10 keywords on a line at a time.
keyword, keyword, keyword etc... until 10

make a new line

keyword, keyword, keyword etc...

would use a while loop to start the 10 count over anyway. It would write the info to the file once it reaches 10, they use play to play it back without flooding. Course that could take some coding.

var %i = 1
var %i2 = 1
var %totalhash = $hget() etc.... for the number of total entries
var %writetoline

while (%i <= %totalhash) {
  %writetoline = %writetoline $hget(table,%i).item
  if (%i2 == 10) { 
    write templistall.txt %writetoline
    %writetoline = ""
    %i2 = 0
  inc %i 
  inc %i2

then use: play $chan/$nick templistall.txt

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