im not sure if you guys are familiar with zbot (some irc networks have this script(?) in their chanservs

if you dont know what im talking about, basically what it does is

you type this:

!learn definition thedefinitiongoeshere


!learn mIRC the site for mIRC is

once thats done it saves it (somewhere) so whenever one of your channel's user do

? mIRC

the following happens

<bot> the site for mIRC is

!learn is the command

mIRC is the keyword

"the site for mIRC is" is the definition

..ok my question is ..i know its possible to make a script to do this in mIRC (instead of the networks chanserv) is there something like this out there ? (for download) if not, would it be too difficult to script? (i have very little scripting knowledge, i just started)

can someone help me out here? point me to the right direction?

thanks in advance

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