Think theres 16 colors, but anyway. Im sure this has been requested befor, or maybe not, but id like to see more colors, or a way of combining colors to allow those already 16 colors to make basically any color. like "k3/4,0/0" where / combines the two seperate colors. I know it seems like a waste, and i relized only those with mIRC could see it, but it would be nice if that existed. Or something along the lines of that, basically i just want more colors.

So aside from the fact that i sound like some 10 yr old girl who wants pretty shades of pink, is it possible? if it is, think it would ever be added?

And a side note, are requests actually being taken? I admit i dont read the changelog of mIRC every version, well i skim through it to see if its relivant to my coding style, but are the hundreds of requests, if they are even possible, even considered?