And to repeat what's been said to you about a thousand times to the same post you keep making: There's no point making mIRC into gaim. If you want a program that works like gaim, guess what you can do... use gaim.

And for that matter, if you don't like what IRC clients lack in filesharing terms, guess what you can do... stop using IRC for filesharing.

It constantly amazes me that people will routinely come here and complain that mIRC's DCC causes large amounts of fragmentation for large-scale filesharing, that it is often much slower than their connection allows, that the resume function is 'fussy' at the best of times, that it lacks advanced hashing, swarming, and so on, yet their heads virtually explode at the very notion of using a protocol and client designed for filesharing which would solve all their problems.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and stupid comments are intentional.