As i said before, there is a fine line to walk. While we do need to help users with legit dcc probs, if they dont specifically say they are in hot pursuit of illegal files or files from strangers, i dont think we should assume and refuse to help. My including the tips on dcc probs should have been in a diff sentence to be clearer. My point was that referring them to dcc tips, while at the same time pointing out the dangers, is sometimes the only fair course we can take. If its clear the question is solely for mass/illegal/bot/stranger downloading then we should explain why we wont help with that, which is the point of the sticky on that subject. The help they need is in the help file, in the stickies, which they can find easily enuf if they wanted to expend the effort. I suppose there could be an arguement for not having stickies on dcc probs, or dcc pending because they could be used by the very ppl we wont help. And yet, that would also mean denying help to someone who wants to get a friends pic. In most cases, including educating the possibly "innocent" user on the dangers while answering their question seems the best course of action.

Sure, we know some ppl are only asking for the "wrong" purposes and just dont say so, but we walk that line the best we can. Again, adding a warning about the consequences may give someone info they werent aware of while not accusing them. Its frustrating when you spend a lot of time helping someone here or in a channel and you just know they are only saying they want a file for a friend. But its not a perfect world, and to refuse all help on dcc in general wouldnt be fair to those who use it in the way it was intended to be used.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet