"If file sharring is wrong why does the IRC protocols support it?"

It doesn't, mIRC does. It is meant for exchanging pictures or wav files etc - for example, at Christmas a friend sent me pics of their christmas tree and house lights etc, and a few days ago another friend sent me a .wav file of her daughter giggling (so sweet!). Unfortunately, like many things related to IRC/mIRC it is abused. Just look how people acted when the DCC exploit was discovered *rolls eyes*

"Why does mIRC include a native server as well as a way to send and recieve files."

By "native server" I assume you mean a server which is there primarily for file trading...personally, I don't know, Krejt deals with the server list and he makes the decisions as to what goes in there. Perhaps he's not aware of it, you can email him at Krejt@ (mirc dot com). On the other hand, perhaps the server does also support chatting and isn't 100% only there for file trading, in which case it's not a problem...can't not include a server just because they allow file sharing, many servers/networks do.

As for mIRC having an Fserve feature, I believe that is still there due to the fact that there are people who use it honestly. And anyway, even removing it would be pointless. I don't even know if fserve scripts that are so widely used even use that feature in mIRC. As you can see from Khaled's FAQ:

"IRC is about communication. Both chat and file-sharing are a normal part of communication, and always have been. IRC has been around since 1988, long before the mass file-sharing systems that we see today came into existence.

Although mIRC has a file-server, it is simple and crude, and was designed years ago for basic personal use, to allow individuals to share files with friends, family, and colleagues, and is nothing like the sophisticated and dedicated file-sharing systems in existence today, which are specifically designed to facilitate the sharing of files on a mass scale."

"If files are outlawed only outlaws will have files."

Yep - which is why Khaled doesn't like the way mIRC is often used as a file sharing program, and also why us on these mIRC message boards do not help with illegal file trading, as you can see from this post.

"It really should be a felony to share Defranko Family, Tony Orlando and Dawn, and the Osmonds.

It is - just not in the sense I think you mean it *G*

"The guy that invented smiley faces should have been arrested and executed. There is no justice."

Aww, come on, he's not all that bad smile

Happy chatting!