Perhaps...although looking at currency conversion, $15 is incredibly cheap. CD's in England are around 15 pounds each, which is around $27..but anyway, the point is it is not up for people to decide how the companies set their prices and whether or not you agree with those prices. You can write and complain, form a pressure group, but you cannot simply say "Hey, I'm going to break the law because I don't like your prices!"

If people ARE going to do that, then they need to apply it to the rest of their activities too. Meaning if they don't like the rising prices of cigarettes, they can grow their own tobacco plants and make them themselves. If bread became expensive, bake their own bread. Of course, they wouldn't do that, they'd be willing to pay more for it - but they won't with CD's, and somehow that is acceptable.

*shrugs* just the way I see it.