General Reply: Filesharing is a topic which always leads to heated debate. That doesnt excuse rudeness. Expect that not everyone is going to share your opinion on this or any subject, and respect their right to voice their opinion just as you are allowed to express yours. The policy here is that we do not help with illegal filesharing and strongly encourage ppl to not download anything from strangers. Part of helping is to educate ppl. Warning them about the dangers of accepting files from strangers or clicking on every url they see is part of that. I am amazed that some ppl object to a politely given warning about those dangers.

It was said "And you really believe that helping 'legitimate' users hasn't ever helped illegal file sharing? It's meant to be about morals, but in the case of this webboard it seems more about legal accountability to me. Throw a disclaimer down someones throat then point them on their way to one of the sticky posts. "
I doubt anyone believes that. Naturally some ppl we have helped with dcc probs at some time or another may use it to share files that are illegal to share or accept a file from a stranger. And of course the way ppl word their question makes us walk a fine line. Networks and providers who limit or disallow filesharing dont generally limit that restriction to "copyrighted files", but to "mass" sharing. Mass filesharing involves more issues than breaking the law, and we took all those issues into consideration in setting the policy to not help with it. Legal accountability is not the only factor. Referring ppl to sticky threads on not helping with this, or tips to resolve dcc probs, or to info on helps to educate them. Many users dont have a clue about the dangers. While it may not be our duty to inform them, it certainly is a moral responsibility. Would you suggest ignoring their posts totally? Posting a simple "nope, we wont help you"? Far better imo to explain why, and what better time than when dcc is what they are asking about.

For anyone with the opinion that they will help anyone they want with whatever they want, illegal or not, thats certainly your right... elsewhere. Here we expect you to respect and abide by our policies. If someone does not wish to help educate ppl about something, such as the dangers of rampant url clicking and downloading from strangers, fine. You dont have to, but flaming those who do want to take the time to explain is absurd.

Judging by some of the recent posts, this endless loop is going downhill fast. Please post with common sense and courtesy. Nonsense and insults dont accomplish anything.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet