This is true .. but do you see them taking steps
to ensure that people don't use their products for
illegal purposes ? No. That's not their problem.
That's a problem for the law to solve. Their
job is to make sure the criminal thinks of purchasing
their product again after their car is destroyed by
the illegal act they just perpetrated.

you can turn MS word into a file sharing program if you wanted to, does MS do anything against that ? no... why? because you can't. if people want to convert a program into a mass sharing network they will always be able to! there is no stopping them. but the question is if you should encourage people into using a program for illigal purposes...

general motors does not hand out a blue print on where to install the bomb best now do they?

though they can't do anything against it they don't help either. something may be possible, but that does not make it less illigal!

neither the forum users as khaled should help you or anyone else use mIRC for illigal purposes

If it ain't broken, don't fix it!