Hi Chris,

I dont want anyone in here to help me with illegal stuf. I'm asking for help with this issue of mIRC behavoir.
Thanks for showing me the possibility to edit posted message, that's cool.

Since there is possibility to reject DCC Send or redirect its destination directory (in CTCP) it would be nice to be able to alter the IP or port as well. IMHO.

Or I could use more drastic approach. There is page in mIRC help file that describes DCC server protocol in raw signals. I guess this could be the right way also. But is there a way how to open a DCC Get window manualy (with socket connecting to the address&port I want)?

Concerning the right IP adress: In this particular case I tried to connect to the IP adress & port - I thought was right - with telnet and it worked. So I have this idea that when I get the message 'unable to connect' I'll run my script that would take IP from IAL list and try it.