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DCC Pending

Posted By: ParaBrat

DCC Pending - 20/07/03 07:31 PM

You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (__ seconds remaining until timeout)

This is a common msg sent by some fservs.

-make sure you havent put the sender on ignore
-check to see if you are ignoring the file type. file/options/dcc/folders. (recent versions of mIRC, view/options/dcc/ignore) Look under Dcc Ignore. The drop down box shows you the options of Disabled, Ignore All Except, and Ignore Only. If you need to add a file type to those to be not ignored remember that it needs to be added as *.extension, ie *.jpg)
-make sure you arent ignoring/blocking dcc either with a script or in options (file/options/general/lock)
-the sender may have sent you a msg saying you have to use dccserver on a certain port and you are blocking that port
-try getting a file from someone else. The problem is often on the senders end
-look for msgs in your status window, the network may require that you type /dccallow +nickname for certain file types.

That said, since this is an fserv issue, odds are that you are trying to download from a total stranger. Be aware thats a dangerous practice. When you accept files from someone you dont know, there's a risk they contain a trojan, virus, or malicious program that can cause a lot of harm. No matter how good/current your antivirus software is, its no quarantee. These things are created nonstop, spread fast, and it takes time for AVs to be updated. Downloading copywrited material such as music and movies also have the same risks, but in addition its against the AUP (acceptable use policy) of some networks and providers and is illegal. When caught you will be subject to lawsuits and huge fines.
Posted By: gggunit532

Re: DCC Pending - 10/12/03 11:21 PM

I've tried all that you said and it still don't work on certian files
is there something you tell me other what was said

peace thannks
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DCC Pending - 11/12/03 12:37 AM

please dont crosspost (post the same question on multiple threads) it makes it confusing. but no, i cant add anything that isnt here or in the other thread
Posted By: Hallatauer

Re: DCC Pending - 30/12/03 06:27 PM

I have a similar problem when trying to get a file...

I get the message... for example

-(nick)- DCC Send file.jpg (ip address)-

And then nothing happens, no dialog box, auto-get on does nothing also. Any ideas?

Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DCC Pending - 30/12/03 08:08 PM

have you tried with more than one person? probs recieving are most likely to be on the senders end

checked in options to be sure you arent ignoring dccs?

checked to be sure you dont have a script putting the person on ignore?
Posted By: Twizty1

Re: DCC Pending - 27/01/04 10:11 PM

" -make sure you arent ignoring/blocking dcc either with a script or in options (file/options/general/lock)

thats the only thing i dont understand.....i dont have that on my options menu "GENERAL"
Posted By: EVH

Re: DCC Pending - 27/01/04 10:17 PM

Options > Other > Lock

Edit: General is now Other
Posted By: Twizty1

Re: DCC Pending - 28/01/04 03:40 PM

i don't know if this has anything to do with DCC pending but i got to the point where someone actually was sending it to me, and it went to the send screen where it shows you it being sent and under the status it says, conection lost, does that have to do with DCC pending?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: DCC Pending - 28/01/04 06:26 PM

No, it's only related to DCC pending when you get the message specified in the post at the top of this thread saying that you have to set your client to accept the transfer.

Usually it's the person at the other end (the person sending to you) rather than you personally, so try downloading off of a few friends and see if you get the same result from all of them. Also make sure you disable all Firewalls you have enabled, and disconnect routers temporarily. If you're not comfortable with either of those, forward ports in whichever one you have (firewall or router) or both if you have both - the recommended ports for DCC are 1024-5000 but it can be any two ports in that range, preferably consecutive (next to each other - i.e. 4001-4002).

This page might also help you.

G'luck! smile

Posted By: MoonTrace

Re: DCC Pending - 20/05/04 10:10 PM

I have the same problem, but I've found the reason is that the sender sends me his internal IP address like a

My question is: Is there any way via script to make mIRC to conect to the right address?
Posted By: Mentality

Re: DCC Pending - 20/05/04 10:18 PM

To the best of my knowledge mIRC can only use what it's given. If an incorrect (for DCC) IP address is provided, mIRC can't find out the normal IP address.

The person you're receiving from should try to use /localinfo -u and see if that helps.

Posted By: MoonTrace

Re: DCC Pending - 20/05/04 11:28 PM

There is alway problem that the person you are downloading files from you might not know or you are unable to contact him/her.

My question was how to made mIRC to te more clever. Because I know correct IP of a sender ($address). Is there any way to corect the address to which mIRC will conect? In mIRC help there is only posibility to reject the get or dedirect it to another directory (at ctcp *:DCC END*:*:), but can I alter the port? How?
Posted By: MoonTrace

Re: DCC Pending - 20/05/04 11:30 PM

oh sorry I ment ctcp *:DCC SEND*:*:
Posted By: Mentality

Re: DCC Pending - 20/05/04 11:51 PM

What files exactly are you "downloading". Do you know that we don't help with illegal/mass file trading due to the problems that can be caused by it, and the fact mIRC is not a file sharing program? Can't help but be suspicious with the term "downloading" being used in a thread referring to an FServe error message. Also, it's extremely bad practice to download from people you don't know, they could contain anything (I assume that's why "you might not know" the person you're downloading from). It's like taking sweets off a stranger.

$address uses the IAL to check the address, which isn't necessarily the needed IP. I don't know of a way to correct the address with a CTCP event for DCC. Keep checkin' back though, got lots of smart people here who may know a way smile

Just a forum FYI, you have a maximum of 2 hours to edit your posts before the ability to edit is blocked. So if you meant to type something else or made a typo etc. simply click on the 'Edit' button in your post, and edit as necessary. You can also choose to mark it as edited, or not.

Posted By: MoonTrace

Re: DCC Pending - 21/05/04 06:06 AM

Hi Chris,

I dont want anyone in here to help me with illegal stuf. I'm asking for help with this issue of mIRC behavoir.
Thanks for showing me the possibility to edit posted message, that's cool.

Since there is possibility to reject DCC Send or redirect its destination directory (in CTCP) it would be nice to be able to alter the IP or port as well. IMHO.

Or I could use more drastic approach. There is page in mIRC help file that describes DCC server protocol in raw signals. I guess this could be the right way also. But is there a way how to open a DCC Get window manualy (with socket connecting to the address&port I want)?

Concerning the right IP adress: In this particular case I tried to connect to the IP adress & port - I thought was right - with telnet and it worked. So I have this idea that when I get the message 'unable to connect' I'll run my script that would take IP from IAL list and try it.
Posted By: AsHBoY

Re: DCC Pending - 03/08/04 10:23 AM

well i got a problem with my dcc too on windows
but i cant really configure it out what to do...
got the same problem like this guy:


but cant anyone tell me step by step how to fix this...
or give me a PM and u can look into my computer or something...

Posted By: omardeneo

Re: DCC Pending - 08/09/04 01:50 PM

i have the same problem and did every thing found in the forum but still receive this message even I try to send a file to the friend I'm fail to download from and it works

i can send but can't received :S
Posted By: mrgamer

Re: DCC Pending - 09/09/04 09:23 PM

mmm i've a different problem...

i'm behind a router... i've configured ports from 1000 to 1003 to be used for mirc for "DCC" and for "Other"

but probably mirc doesn't listen to me confused because i can receive files.. but i can't resume downloads or send either !

why this happen? i've tried forwarding also more ports... but i think that 4 ports are enough
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: DCC Pending - 10/09/04 09:12 AM

This MIGHT help:

Options > Connect > Options > 'Advanced' Button.. and tick 'Use Random Ports'
Posted By: mrgamer

Re: DCC Pending - 10/09/04 10:21 AM

o_O i will try... but at my eyes seems a nonsense (specify ports and they say "use random" shocked )

you'll have news by me wink
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DCC Pending - 14/09/04 11:52 PM

The random local ports option just makes mIRC use non-consecutive ports when creating listening sockets.

Did you check out the Cant DCC Send thread for things to try?
Posted By: i555

Re: DCC Pending - 27/09/04 05:38 AM

Is anybody know why error "Transfer timed out" or "Transfer incomlete" happens?

From the start my DSL capable of about 27Kbs speed, but it getting at no more then 6.5Kbs and in abut 5 minutes time it dies out with above errors.

Please help
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: DCC Pending - 29/09/04 08:42 PM

-do you have any of the assorted scripts etc that are supposed to speed up dcc? those cause probs such as you describe

-have you tried without any scripts on a clean copy of mIRC

-what OS do you have

-all size files or just large ones? you could have some limitations set at your isp

-keep in mind that the prob could be on the senders end. speed is only going to go as fast as the slowest end, which depends on several factors

-mIRC wasnt designed for major file sharing, its dcc capabilities are basic and aimed for occasional sharing between friends
Posted By: devo2go

Re: DCC Pending - 14/05/05 11:06 AM

I have the same problem connecting to certain fserves. It only happens to me when i get .rar files. Is there any way to change that? My ignore is disabled and .rar is not in the ignored part of my options. I can get any other file from an fserve that I can't get a .rar from.
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