You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (__ seconds remaining until timeout)

This is a common msg sent by some fservs.

-make sure you havent put the sender on ignore
-check to see if you are ignoring the file type. file/options/dcc/folders. (recent versions of mIRC, view/options/dcc/ignore) Look under Dcc Ignore. The drop down box shows you the options of Disabled, Ignore All Except, and Ignore Only. If you need to add a file type to those to be not ignored remember that it needs to be added as *.extension, ie *.jpg)
-make sure you arent ignoring/blocking dcc either with a script or in options (file/options/general/lock)
-the sender may have sent you a msg saying you have to use dccserver on a certain port and you are blocking that port
-try getting a file from someone else. The problem is often on the senders end
-look for msgs in your status window, the network may require that you type /dccallow +nickname for certain file types.

That said, since this is an fserv issue, odds are that you are trying to download from a total stranger. Be aware thats a dangerous practice. When you accept files from someone you dont know, there's a risk they contain a trojan, virus, or malicious program that can cause a lot of harm. No matter how good/current your antivirus software is, its no quarantee. These things are created nonstop, spread fast, and it takes time for AVs to be updated. Downloading copywrited material such as music and movies also have the same risks, but in addition its against the AUP (acceptable use policy) of some networks and providers and is illegal. When caught you will be subject to lawsuits and huge fines.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet