Thanks starbucks. I guarantee I dont have another scid, inadvertantly or not besides ones that mirc may use in its own commands. i.e.: /server.

I do have the mIRC automatic rejoin on.

I won't post all my code. It is still under development and I like to keep it private before I make it public. Besides its almost 1000 lines spread over 4 files. However, I have shown all instances of scid and after this post and talking with friends I decided to remove most of those anyway. I used them out of concern about what mIRC would consider the active connection. Thank you for helping me understand that an event will only perform commands in that cid.

I do have a question about this disconnect event. Though this wasn't present with the initial error, it may be causing the recent one. As I said, this issue arises after multiple disconnects.

on *:disconnect:{
  if ($network == blah) { nick %dynamic_nick | server 6667 }

Point of this is that on this server the login account name is an email address, not your nick, so when it disconnects mIRC makes the nick $mnick, but $mnick is another nickname I have connected to a different network on the same mIRC. So it connects as "guest_$mnick".

So the status window stays open. This would mean even though the connection disconnected, the cid doesn't get deleted right? So the command /server with no switches will connect to the server on the existing connection I'm assuming.

Also, no timers. Only dll I have is dcx, no com object code in my scripts and I don't see how I would have an application trying to communicate with mIRC via DDE. I really doubt someone is trying to execute commands remotely through this mirc.

Thank You