I wanted to know if there was a way to clean up the cid list since /scid $cid was returning /scid 25 and cid 25 had been closed long before.

And yes, they were getting defensive. I asked a question but pretty much everyone ignored it to tell me it wasn't a mirc bug. I didn't ask if it was a mirc bug or even insinuate it was a bug, I asked if I could maintain the cid list.

People ignored your question because it seems very likely that your question was based on a false premise (that $cid was reporting an invalid ID). If mIRC was reporting an invalid ID in $cid as you keep asserting then there wouldn't be a feature to reset it, it would be a bug that would have to be fixed. That is why everyone is setting your original question aside - because either way it's irrelevant to the situation. There's a bug to be fixed here somewhere, the only question is whether that bug is in mIRC or in your script. On that note, it seems you're the one who's getting defensive because you refuse to acknowledge the possibility that there's something wrong with your script even though I've already pointed out that the usage of /scid that you've posted so far is completely redundant and stems from a misunderstanding of how /scid works.

This isn't a witch hunt, but some of us do care if mIRC has a bug in it which is why it's useful to find the true cause of your issue. At this point however I think it's time to give up. I've repeated myself at least three times in this thread and you seem to have a mental block on understanding anything I say so I'm ready to write this off as a scripting error and leave you to deal with that since you clearly don't want any help in that area.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and stupid comments are intentional.