Yes, I guarantee that cid 25 was opened. That isn't the issue. The issue is that, with it closed, I am getting a mirc error saying "no such connection."

I'm thinking there was an error closing that connection so mIRC still thinks it's open?

I can put echo's on my /scid's but I don't know how to reproduce this error. Also, I guarantee I do not have 25 written everywhere and I only use /scid $cid. Since $cid is an mirc identifier I do not know what control I have over it.

Here is every scid instance I have. mIRC 6.35 by the way.

on ^*:logon:*:{
scid $cid

raw whisper:*:{
  if ($scid($cid).network != xxxx) { return }
  scid $cid

on *:active:?:{
  if ($scid($activecid).network != xxxx) { return }

raw 464:*:{ if ($network == xxxxx) { scid $cid

raw 433:*:{
  scid $cid | window -c "Status Window"

on *:connect:{ scid $cid | if (!$chan(0)) { window -a "Status Window" } }

I don't see how my code could be causing the error. I can see how my code (i.e.: scid $cid) can, but the issue isn't fixable on my side. Or is it?