So why is mIRC trying to connect to cid 25or make it active?

mIRC isn't. Your script is. This isn't a mIRC bug, that error message comes from the /scid command being used. If you don't believe me unload all your scripts and see if it happens. You'll find it doesn't.

A connection ID is associated with each Status Window - it doesn't matter if that window is connected to a server or not. As I tried to explain before, mIRC scripts are automatically switched to the appropriate connection ID in events - so in an on join event all commands will occur for the connection where you just joined a channel, in a raw event all commands will occur on the connection that the raw message just came from, and so on. The only time you need to use /scid $cid or $scid($cid) is if you have explicitly changed the connection to another one earlier within that peice of code. Again, the use of those commands with $cid doesn't explain the bug itself, but it is completely unnecessary unless there are more /scid commands that you haven't shown us.

Edit: Have you looped through with $scon(N) to list the connection IDs and see if any of them is 25? I strongly suspect that there won't be, but this should show us definitively one way or the other.

//var %i = 1 | while $scon(%i) { echo -a Connection ID for $ord(%i) connection: $v1 | inc %i }

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